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2nd International Conference, Shenzhen, 24-25 October 2008
The Second International Conference took place in Shenzhen, China, on 24-26October 2008 , in conjunction with the 7th International Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing (GCC 2008)
Cloud computing were addressed on October 25th, both on its academic and industrial perspectives thanks to two separate sessions.

Friday 24 October 2008
GCC 2008: Keynote speakers including Thierry Priol’s presentation-"From Conventional to Unconventional GRID Programming"

Saturday 25 October 2008
  - Morning session chaired by Thierry Priol: Cloud computing from an academic perspective
The panel discussed how Cloud computing will impact Grids and what are the new research challenges behind Cloud and how Cloud and Grids can be merged together to let computing be a true utility.

  - Afternoon session chaired by Andrea Manieri: Cloud computing from an industrial perspective
The panel discussion highlighted examples of best practices, evaluated how these could be transformed into standards, and discussed opportunities for future collaborative developments between China and Europe.


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Venue: The Second International Conference took place in the Ming Wah International Convention Centre in Shenzhen.

Accommodation: Rooms at a special rate (380 RMB for a single room)  have been arranged for the workshop participants at Ming Wah International hotel.
  • Reservation were managed by ERCIM directly with the hotel and according to the check-in and check-out dates you provided in the registration form.
  • Here is the address of the The Ming Wah International Convention Centre: N°8, Gui Shan Road, Shekou Shenzhen.Tel: +86 755 26689968Fax: +86 755 26679615
  •  If you arrive at Shenzhen airport, the taxi will take you to Ming Wah International Convention Centre.
  •  If you fly from Europe to Hong-Kong, you can take a bus or a ferry to Shenzhen. For the Ferry from the Hong-Kong Airport to Shenzhen, you will find more information in the document "useful Information for your trip"