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Mobility Programme
The objective of the EchoGRID Mobility programme was to build links between existing EU and Chinese initiatives using the consortium partner’s activities and facilities in order to promote long term collaborations based on human relations. This WP handled the mobility of the researchers inside and outside the project. The mobility programme was organised at two levels.

The Fellowship programme (FP) inspired by the Marie Curie Actions and the Ercim Fellowship Programme. It  was aimed for post graduate students who wanted to work with research groups involved in EchoGRID related activities. The successful Fellows had to agree and engage in the research topic proposed by  the hosting Institutions. 
FP was only opened to echoGRID partners.

The Staff Exchange or Researcher Exchange Programme (REP) consisted of scientific visits and research stays between EchoGRID partners and the other projects funded by the European commission unit D3 of the Information Society and media DG .
REP  was open for exchange between EchoGRID partners and D3 unit projects