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EchoGRID Researcher Exchange Programme was opened to D3 unit projects from April 2008.

The consortium implemented a specific mobility programme which aimed at encouraging researchers (staff) to visit, for a given period, research teams between Europe and China.

The objective of the Staff Exchange or Researcher Exchange Programme was to allow visits or research stays of a researcher, between EchoGRID partners or from one EchoGRID partner to another D3 unit project, for a period ranging from two to ten weeks. The exchange of researchers between the EchoGRID organisations was certainly one of the most effective ways to achieve long term cooperation.

Researcher Exchange Programme Regulations
Researcher Exchange Programme application form

Researchers who were granted a REP:




Hosting institution 


Topics / objectives

Mrs Yu Feng

 INRIA (France)


3 Weeks
(August 2007)

Disseminate the plugtest activity  in China
Promote the Grid Component Model and proactive 

Mr Zhu  Yan

 BUAA (China)

 INRIA (France)  Sophia Antipolis

2 weeks
(July 2007)

Set up a long term collaboration roadmap between INRIA and BUAA
Identify common research activities in the area of Web services and object-oriented programming 

Mr Xiao Dong Wang



3 weeks
(March 2008)

Portal for EchoGrid: Collaboration, Internationalization, Grid Enabling, Customization, Personalization.

 Mr Jianxin Li
 BUAA (China)

2 weeks

(April 2008)

 Grid Security Research
 Mr Paolo Rocetti
ENG (Italy)
HUAWEI (India)

3 weeks

(July 2008)

Further detailing VO management section  of the EchoGRID roadmap
Creating a framework for VO management standards 
 Mr Wang Yongjian
 BUAA (China)  University of Southampton (UK)

3 weeks

(september 2008)

Grid middleware with emphasis on the data interoperability and cross-domain security technologies.
 Mr Rui Zhu
 NUDT (China)
 INRIA (France)  Sophia Antipolis

 5 weeks

(Nov-dec 2008)

Programming model of iVCE and  ProActive
Exchange ideas on iVCE and Grid technologies