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The goal was to test and improve interoperability mechanisms of Grid middleware, and to learn, through user experiences, deployments, and open discussions about the current status of Grid infrastructure between EU and China, Grid middleware in use on each side, and future features and interoperability mechanisms needed for the Grid.
In EchoGrid, the plans were to set-up two EU-China Grid Plugtests knowed under the name IV and V GRIDS@Work. The first one was located in Beijing end of October 2007, hosted by CNIC. The second one was held in october 2008, hosted by INRIA in Sophia Antipolis - France

2008 Super Quant Monte-Carlo Challenge (V-Grid Plugtests supported by the EchoGRID project)

The 2008 Super Quant Monte Carlo Challenge (as a part of the V GRID Plugtests)  took  place between 20-24 October, 2008.
The contest promotes the Grid Computing Opportunity, innovative applications of Grid Computing Technologies to Finance and Telecommunication and the ProActive, an Open Source middleware (OW2 consortium) for parallel, distributed, and multi-core computing.

Goals of the event
- Bring together Grid Researchers, Grid Industrials, and Grid Users;
- Learn about the future features needed for the Grid infrastructure through the Grid users experience;
- Learn how to best program Grid aware applications; 
- Get useful feedback on the deployment and interoperability of Grid applications on various Grid clusters;
- Increase industry's interest in innovative Grid infrastructure integration and interoperability;
- Learn more on Grid for Industrial applications and Interoperability, with a focus on Finance and Telecommunications.

More Information can be found on the ETSI website



This Plugtests run from 28 October 2007 to November 1st 2007 and was hosted by CNIC in Beijing. See general information.
Several teams competed.

FlowShop teams

  • BUPT-FlowShop, BUPT - Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
  • TransPUTers, POZNAN-FlowShop, POZNAN - Poznan University of Technology, Poland

N-Queens teams

  • ACT - The Institute of Advanced Computing Technology of Beihang University in Beijing, China
  • BUPT-N-Queens, BUPT - Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
  • OutPUT, POZANN-N-Queens, POZNAN - Poznan University of Technology, Poland
  • KAAPI/Moais, Project MOAIS - CR INRIA - Laboratoire ID-IMAG, France
  • ChinaGrid-TU, Tsinghua University, China
  • Grid-TU, Tsinghua University, China