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Two international conferences have been organised in China to showcase results, exchange knowledge and learn about developments from emerging economies. Site-visits may be organised around the events in China, to have a first hand experience of the local technologies and developments. Balanced representation of industry and academic participants will be ensured.
The Second International Conference took place in Shenzhen, China, on 24-26 October 2008, in conjunction with the 7th International Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing (GCC 2008).

Following this conference, EchoGRID organisesd an EU-China Cooperation workshop on 28 October 2008 in Beijing. This workshop organised to promote research collaborations between China and Europe in the Grid, as well as Services and Software Technologies areas. 
Both European and Chinese representatives were present at this workshop:
- the European Commission
- the Chinese Ministry Of Science and Technology (MOST)
- EU projects such as EchoGRID, BRIDGE, XTreemOS, GridCOMP, EU-ChinaGrid, Qualipso and several other projects involving chinese partners
- Chinese and European Industries (Huawei, China Mobile Research, Thales, Atos, ENG...)
The participating projects presented their initial objectives and their achievements in terms of cooperation between both continents. This workshop was also an opportunity for fostering relationships with European and Chinese partners who are interested in EU projects, for developing future FP7 proposals and for networking. This was a good opportunity for project dissemination and collaboration activities. 
The First International Conference was held in Beijing on 24-27 April 2007 and was co-organised with LIAMA and CNIC. This Conference presented complementarities between European and Chinese initiatives and disseminate the goals and foreseen activities of EchoGRID. More information on this page
During this conference, INRIA provided a two-day free course, ProActive Tutorial, at SuperComputing Centre , CAS on 26-27th April.
ProActive has been successfully used as a strong vehicle for interoperability in the first 3 Grid Plugtests, and it is also the current reference implementation of the GCM (Grid Component Model). Moreover, as an Open Source middleware part of the OW2 consortium, ProActive is being used by several industrial companies in production applications.

The objective of this EchoGrid two-day course on ProActive are :
- to prepare for the fourth Grid Plugtests being part of EchoGrid,
- help Chinese teams that want to compete in the challenge,
- help industrial users to get started with ProActive and use Parallel and Grid Computing.