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News From Beijing
News from Day 2 of the 1st EchoGRID-EUChinaGRID International Conference afternoon

Beijing, China, 25 April 2007 – this afternoon sees a rich mix of themes up for discussion and features a roundtable, which will highlight the main outcomes and help set the agenda for co-operation between Europe and China.

The Thematic Session on Management in Grids highlights the increasing need for management mechanism enabling Grid computing to satisfy diverse application requirements. The presentation by Professor Zhongzhi Luan, Beihang University, explains why management should be an essential attribute of Grid on account of the large-scale Grid environment and rapid extension in terms of both resources and networking. Management mechanisms need to be flexible and automated. Professor Luan discusses the state of the art, key issues and useful technologies & related research activities. The talk by ETICS Project representative, Andrea Manieri, revolves around a Quality Certification Model for Grid research projects, showcasing the ETICS Feasibility Study. ETICS is aimed at developing a Grid-based infrastructure for building and testing distributed software. ETICS tools take care of the whole integration-build-testing-packaging phase crucial for many research projects.

News from Day 2 of the 1st EchoGRID-EUChinaGRID International Conference morning

Beijing, China, 25 April 2007 – today’s programme features three thematic sessions, a roundtable on future collaborative scenarios, and the final wrap-up.

The session dedicated to new programming paradigms includes a talk by Professor Zhiwei Xu, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, entitled ‘Network Centric Operating Systems’. Professor Huamin WANG, NUDT (China), gives a presentation on Internet Virtual Computing Environment (IVCE), while Denis Caromel, INRIA (France) discusses Grid component models and active objects.
Day 1 - Afternoon Session

1st EchoGRID-EUChinaGRID International Conference, 24-25 April 2007, Beijing, China
Day 1 - Afternoon Session

This afternoon, the Conference opens with a key theme supported by the EUChinaGRID Project, Interoperability. Yongjian Wang, Beihang University, evaluates the challenging and multi-faceted issues related to interoperability, such as job management, data management, workflow and security. The mission of EUChinaGRID is to implement interoperability between CHGrid GOS and EGEE gLite. This talk presents the gatway-based solution proposed by EUChinaGRID aimed at implementing batch level job interoperability and providing a prototype to test it.
Highlights from Morning Sessions, Day 1
Beijing, China 24 April 2007 - the 1st EchoGRID-EUChinaGRID International COnference, hosted by Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), kicks off this morning with Welcome Addresses from high-profile European and Chinese representatives.

The first day of the conference sets the scene for ensuing discussions on themes of mutual interest and common challenges, and features a Live Demo & Poster Session with 6 demos showcasing state-of-the-art Grid technologies.
GridwiseTech releases an exclusive portal report

This exclusive report by independent Grid expert, GridwiseTech, takes an in-depth objective look at three of the most popular open source solutions on the market.
The report targets technology investigators from diverse business sectors.

Proactive Tutorial

During the first International conference at Beijing, INRIA will provide a two-day free course, ProActive Tutorial, at SuperComputing Centre , CAS on 26-27th April.
ProActive has been successfully used as a strong vehicle for interoperability in the first 3 Grid Plugtests, and it is also the current reference implementation of the GCM (Grid Component Model). Moreover, as an Open Source middleware part of the OW2 consortium, ProActive is being used by several industrial companies in production applications.

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Press Release

2 April 2007, the first press Release about the Beijing conference [pdf]

23 April 2007, press release for Day 1 of the conference [pdf]

24 April 2007, press release for Day 2 of the conference [pdf