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Roadmap online endorsement

EchoGRID delivered a final pdfroadmap that identifies common areas of interest and opportunities for collaboration on Grid technologies between Europe and China. This roadmap provides a shared European and Chinese vision of future GRID research perspectives for both research and industrial communities for the next 3, 5 and 10 years. This vision establishes a clear Technological and Research Agenda on which both regions may collaborate.

EchoGRID is launching an open electronic endorsement on major challenges, research directions, and effective forms of European-Chinese collaboration in the addressed Thematic Areas.

The Grid community is warmly invited to actively participate in the EchoGRID roadmap electronic endorsement, and to contribute to shape the content and structure of future international R&D collaborations in the Grid area.

The following Thematic Areas are in focus in the context of this endorsement:

  • New Programming Paradigms
  • GRID Architectures - SoA
  • GRID Management
  • Virtual Organisation
  • Component model
  • Workflow / Business Process  

  Based on the final roadmap recently produced, we invite you to openly provide your comments and feedback.


BELIEF-II Concertation Meeting ICT Lyon

BELIEF-II organises the 6th e-Infrastructure Concertation meeting at ICT2008 in Lyon, France on Monday the 24th of November.

An on-line forum is supporting the concertation meeting by providing an opportunity to discuss related matters including the important topics of e-Infrastructure sustainability, standards and effective communication beforehand.

Please register at the forum on the BELIEF-II website to take part in the ongoing discussion, that will not only stimulate an open on-line discussion but also feed a concept paper which shall be submitted to the EC.

BELIEF-II will also be coordinating a joint stand (D05) at the International Village.


EU-China Cooperation workshop - Beijing - 28 October 2008

This workshop organised by ERCIM and Beihang University took place at the Conference center of Beihang University (new main building) and promoted research collaborations between China and Europe in the Grid, as well as Services and Software Technologies areas.

2nd International Conference, Shenzhen, 24-25 Oct and EU-China Cooperation workshop, Beijing, 28 Oct
The Second International Conference will take place in Shenzhen, China, on 24-26 October 2008, in conjunction with the 7th International Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing (GCC 2008).
At this final dissemination event, EchoGRID will present the final roadmap as well as the latest achievements of the consortium.
Foreseen EchoGRID participation at GCC 2008: 
 * One keynote speech describing the roadmap overall results, vision.(24 October afternoon)
 *  Two  sessions on topics related to the Roadmap and EchoGRID results (25 October)
EchoGRID Researcher Exchange Programme open to D3 unit projects
EchoGRID is pleased to announce the new EchoGRID Researcher Exchange Programme (REP).
The consortium has implemented a specific mobility programme which is aimed at encouraging researchers (staff) to visit, for a given period, research teams between Europe and China.

The exchange of researchers between the EchoGRID organisations is certainly one of the most effective ways to achieve long term cooperation. "Exchange of researcher" means the visit of a researcher or a staff from one EchoGRID partner to another, for a period ranging from two to ten weeks, between Europe and China.
After one year of activity, the consortium decided to open the EchoGrid Exchange Programme to the other projects funded by the European commission unit D3 of the Information Society and media Directorate-General.
The funding allocated to this activity is administered by ERCIM.
see REP details