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Roadmap online consultation

EchoGRID delivered a draft of pdfroadmap that identifies common areas of interest and opportunities for collaboration on Grid technologies between Europe and China. This roadmap provides a shared European and Chinese vision of future GRID research perspectives for both research and industrial communities for the next 3, 5 and 10 years. This vision will establish a clear Technological and Research Agenda on which both regions may collaborate.

EchoGRID is launching an open electronic consultation on major challenges, promising research\r\ndirections, and effective forms of European-Chinese collaboration in the\r\naddressed Thematic Areas.

The Grid community is warmly invited to actively participate in the EchoGRID roadmap electronic consultation, and to contribute to shape the content and structure of future international R&D collaborations in the Grid area.

The following Thematic Areas are in focus in the context of this consultation:

Based on the draft roadmap recently produced, we invite you to openly provide your comments and feedback.

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