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- Technical inventory and Information Service
The implementation of a repository was discussed with several contributors inside and outside the EchoGRID project. The project planned to participate in the efforts made by other Grid projects such as GridCOMP, CoreGRID and BEinGRID to set up an inventory accessible on their website.

The BEinGRID project made available Gridipedia, its project repository to external contributions from other projects in January 2009. The BEinGRID project is fully in charge of this process. 

Gridipedia is a repository for software components and technical and business reports relating to Grid computing. It is populated with both the results of public and private research, as well as commercial information. There is a software download area, a case study library, a section dealing with business and legal aspects of Grid computing, and another discussing various technical areas, an introduction to Grid computing, including videos and a grid computing glossary.

As Gridipedia is now open to contributions from the Grid community, EchoGRID will join this repository and plan to submit suitable material, such as technical reports and the consolidated roadmap through this website.