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- Co-ordination of standardisation efforts

EchoGRID aimed at participating in FP6 Grids project standardisation group which has the objective of producing regularly updated standards reports and co-ordinating the project activities.

European GRID Standards Strategy Group.
In 2007, EchoGRID, represented by Andrea Manieri (Eng)  joined the European GRID Standards Strategy Group created in 2004 and chaired by Philipp Wieder, from Research Center Jülich. Since September 2008, this coordination of standardisation activity has been transferred onto the ecss portal. The technical group on “Coordination of Contribution to Standards” is now co-led by NESSI (Franz Kudorfer) and SLA@SOI (Philipp Wieder).
ETSI played a major role in an important EchoGRID activity namely the Plugtests. Two PlugTests events were organized by the project. The first event was held in Beijing from 29 October to 2 November 2007 jointly with the Bridge and GridCOMP EU-funded projects. The second PlugTests took place in Sophia Antipolis from 20 to 24 October 2008 and saw the participation of many Chinese teams. INRIA  and other European funded projects are involved in the ETSI technical Committee on Grid. INRIA is participating in all regular TC Grid meetings organized by ETSI. Therefore, the project is aware of other standardization initiatives from some EU-projects and efforts shared in the ETSI standardization body.
Synergy with other EU projects
EchoGRID collaborated with Nessi-grid , EUChinaGrid , Challengers , Bridge , GridCOMP on Grid discussions. These contacts increased collaboration and shall ensure the emergence of research results on a global scale and durable technology solution implementation for standardization. n addition to those projects, EchoGRID is collaborating with the OW2 Consortium, through INRIA and Engineering as OW2 founders.

EchoGRID provided networking activities to bridge effort on Quality assurance certification processes, ETICS, QualiPSo and Qualoss project, by means of common partners in the project and focused workshops to share findings and identify synergies, such as the session held at OGF 23 in June 2008.

Standardisation and W3C
During the Concertation events held in Brussels in September 2007 and 2008, EchoGRID representative attended the parallel session on “Coordination of contribution to standards” for the preparation of joint activities in the standardisation area. ERCIM at the same time encouraged participation of a representative from W3C, Rigo Wenning, to the standardisation sessions.